TomVPN free high speed v1.5.0 [Mod Ad-Free] Download

TomVPN free high speed v1.5.0 [Mod Ad-Free] Download

TomVPN is free to use, one-click connection. No registration required, no root privileges, one-click connection! Tom uses shadowsocks technology, automatic proxy mode (bypassing LAN and mainland China addresses), monthly international traffic of 12GB, in addition to additional traffic can be smashed. (Tom restricts traffic every month, also to ensure the quality of the software, as much as possible to allow everyone to flow smoothly)

– Automatic agent breaks through GFW
– Visit social, video apps and websites like Google, YouTube and Facebook
– Send and receive Gmail, visit foreign e-commerce websites, and research Haitao can do it all.
– Small size, low memory consumption and low energy consumption
– Secure, encrypt all traffic with a 256-bit encryption algorithm
– Long-term updates, guaranteed to be available
– Use it to know!** Please turn off the auto update app feature of the play store to reduce traffic consumption.
** The server sometimes gets mad, please understand.
** If you encounter a successful connection but cannot overturn the wall, please try to click the button in the upper left corner to refresh the node randomly. If the repeated operation is invalid, please email me, I will process it as soon as I receive the email.
** After downloading the software, please take a minute to check the user’s instructions before using the software. This will solve various problems in the use of this software.

TomVPN free high speed v1.5.0 [Mod Ad-Free] DownloadTomVPN free high speed v1.5.0 [Mod Ad-Free] Download / Mirror

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